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responsible, organized, persevering.
Conscientious individuals are extremely reliable and tend to be high achievers, hard workers, and planners


sgale usaha dh d curahkan wat paper yg perlu wat skang, bdoa & terus brdoa agar semua nye bjalan lancar..
usaha + doa = tawakkal..
allah akan menolong hambanya yg telah brusaha..:)

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friend2 Windu zaman belajar..nyway gdluck..=)
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respondent2 thanks akak…:)
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friend3 semoga berjaye….
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respondent2 thanks rie..:)
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assumption : sgale usaha dh d curahkan wat paper esop

*based on the situation above, it shows that respondent2 was trying hard for the test. This means that the respondent is a hard worker*



harap sgale fakta yg d bace, x btukar antre 1 same lain..amiiin..:)!

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assumption : fakta yg d bace

*Again, the respondent showed the effort for the test. The respondent never gives up and tend to be a successful person*



lau suh hafal lagu, cpt je ingt kan…bile suh ingt section & case utk law nie, apsal la susah sgt nk ingt? aisy…

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assumption : bile suh ingt section & case utk law nie, apsal la susah sgt nk ingt?

*respondent2 seemed to have little problems in order to memorize fact but she never gave up and kept working on it*



alangkah bagus nye lau otak kite nie cam je ape2 kt dlm nye..then, bile nk gune, bukak je terus..huh..senang itu sume hnye la mimpi..^.^

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assumption : tp itu sume hnye la mimpi

*based on the situation above, respondent had an imagination about the brain. She realized that brain was not like a pendrive, so she needed to put effort in memorizing.This means that she could rely on herself*



paper law nie wat ak stress r…ya allah….tlg laaa…susah nyeeeeeeeee…:(

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assumption : ya allah….tlg laaa…susah nyeeeeeeeee

*respondent got problem about her test and she kept trying the best. This shows that she tends to be a high achiever*



bsusah – susah dhulu, bsenang-senang kmudian…^__^..

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assumption : bsusah – susah dhulu, bsenang-senang kmudian

*based on the above situation, respondent2 has a positive thinking and she can success in what she wants for*



paper LAW wat ak rase x senang duduk laaa…nk mkn pon susoh..isy….

pengorbanan study LAW mmg best….hrpkan yg tbaik dr mu ya allah..:)

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assumption : pengorbanan study LAW mmg best

*again, the respondent has a positive thinking.Although the test was quite difficult for her, she still hope for the best*



stiap pkare perlu ad skang, btul kan niat masing2..n pasti kan anda brade dlm kdaan yg tenang bile wat s’suatu..insya allah mnjadi..selamat b’amal..:D!

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assumption : btul kan niat masing2

*respondent2 told herself and the others to have right aims in doing something. This means that she is responsible to herself*



semangat nk mik first paper esk..p tibe2 lak ase takut nie..huh..permudah kan sume nye ya allah…amiin..:)!

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friend1 amin…
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friend2 amin moga berjaye
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friend3 aminn
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assumption : permudah kan sume nye ya allah

*the post proves that the respondent was going to have a test and she hoped for the best.She tends to be a good achiever as  she is always gives the best efforts for what she does*



mse kecik2 dlu, org tny nk jd pe? msti jwp nk jd peguam…hahaha…nak tau sebab pe? sb nye leh masuk court..:D…
tp skang, minat k’arah bdan uniform makin kuat..insya allah..1 hr nnt, ia akan tcapaiii………amiin..:)

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assumption : ia akan tcapaiii

*the respondent has the desire to be a successful person.She can be what she wants to be because she knows what suits her well and she gives the best effort on it*


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