The Big Five Personality

Published May 20, 2012 by ummihartini

The Big Five Personality Inventory

The “Big Five” model of personality dimensions has emerged as one of the most well-researched and well-regarded measures of personality structure in recent years. The models five domains of personality, Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Ageeableness, and Neuroticism, were conceived by Tupes and Christal.

I am asked to evaluate the use of language or symbolism used by five different friends to my facebook personality domain (according to your own perception).
Then, I need to copy 10 posts of text, pictures or emoticons that appear in my facebook into Notepad.

I use a software named AntConc to analyze language or representation in all the 10 posts (example: d1_01. Txt to d1_10. Txt) used by my Facebook friends according to the personality domain.
Then I create a report on the frequency of phrases that show the personality of my facebook friends (not from the ELS/Linguistics students who are taking this course)according to the context of the interaction that causes them to use the phrase.

The Big Five traits are characterized by the following:

Domain Personality
1 Openness to Experience curious, intelligent, imaginative.
High scorers tend to be artistic and sophisticated in taste and appreciate   diverse views, ideas, and experiences.
2 Conscientiousness responsible, organized, persevering.
Conscientious individuals are extremely reliable and tend to be high   achievers, hard workers, and planners.
3 Extroversion outgoing, amicable, assertive.Friendly and energetic, extroverts draw inspiration   from social situations.
4 Agreeableness cooperative, helpful, nurturing.People who score high in agreeableness are   peace-keepers who are generally optimistic and trusting of others.
5 Neuroticism anxious, insecure, sensitive.Neurotics are moody, tense, and easily tipped into   experiencing negative emotions.

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