Questionnaire for Respondents’ Friend

Published May 21, 2012 by ummihartini

Before this, I have post the ‘Analysis for Personality Test’ which contains the survey given to the respondents. This time, I will post the questions that I have given to the respondents’ friends. This survey may help me to prove whether my assumption is right or wrong. So, these are the questions :

1. Your Name

2. An old man comes near your friend and asks for some money. Your friend will …

just give him some money
give him some money and give moral support to him
feel sorry and give him some money
just ignore him
ask him what had happened and give some money

3. Your friend’s little brother has spilt some water on the floor. Your friend …

scolded him and ask him to clean up the floor
takes the situation as a normal experience and help him to clean up the floor
keeps smiling and clean up the floor on your own
it is your friend’s responsibility to help his/her brother
tries to calm his/her little brother and then, clean up the floor

4. Your friend is a(n) ___________ person


5. Your friend’s opinion about a man who leave his girlfriend

He should be killed !
Hey girl, do not sad. You will get a better man.
Everything happens for a reason.
The man should tell the reason to the girl.
Hey man. You should tell me your reason.

6. An unknown person is adding your friend as a friend in the Facebook. What will your friend’s opinion :

I can share experience with him/her.
Yes, I like it !
Who is he/she. Why he/she added me ?
Do not added me, stranger !
He/She just want to be friend. It is not a problem.

7. Which one suits your friend well ?

She/He loves people around her/him.
She/He hates people who hurt her/him.
It is her/his responsible to help people around her/him.
People around her/him teach her/him a lot of things.
Why people have different identity ? She/He must know the reason.

8. Stress is _______ for your friend.

an experience that helps her/him to know people better.
something that she/he should appreciate.
something that help she/he to manage her/his time.
an experience that helps her/him to face life.
something stressful !

9. Your friend’s opinion about this survey.

She/He dont mind to answer this survey.
She/He hate to answer this survey.

10. Your friend is a(n) _______ boy/girl.

hard working

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